Norbert Ross

I am an Anthropologist working mainly in Mexico and the Middle East. Originally from germany, I have lived for about 10 years in Mexico before coming to the US.

As an Anthropologist I strive to understand who we are and why we do the things we do; recently I have become more and more interested in state and anti-state violence. As a teacher, I try to create open spaces for debates, and teach my students that between black and white is a large sea of grey.

I enjoy eating, creating foods, and learning new dishes. As an Anthropologist I try to understand what we eat, why, and how, and how these things relate to issues of power, but also the environment. As a foodie, I am more interested in good food and conversation, yet conspumption, health, and the environment are important aspects thereof.

I am a passionate scuba diver and enjoy both diving in local quarries as well as in exotic environments. Diving for me is relaxing, much like mediation, as it forces me to focus on the essential parts of being - breathing. As a PADI instructor I want to pass on this passion, the meditating aspects of it, but also the love for our planet, especially the parts we usually don't see and hence often care less for.

I try to combine all these interests with my job as a Professor as much as I can.