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Academic Titles:

   Habilitation 2002; University of Freiburg, Anthropology.
   PhD 1998; University of Freiburg, Anthropology. SUMMA CUM LAUDE
   MA 1995; University of Freiburg, Anthropology. WITH EXCELLENCE

   German, English, Spanish, Tzotzil Maya, Lacandon (Yukatec) Maya.

Graduate and Undergraduate Work:

   University of Göttingen, Germany (Anthropology and Sociology).
   University of Freiburg, Germany (Anthropology, Cultural Geography, and Sociology.
   University of Michigan (Anthropology)
   Indiana University (Political Science and GIS / Remote Sensing)

Academic Positions:

   Director of Undergraduate Studies; Anthropology, Vanderbilt University; 2008-2010.
   Associate Professor (tenured), Anthropology, Vanderbilt University (Since 2007)
   Associate Professor (tenured), Psychology, Vanderbilt University (Since 2007)
   Investigator, Learning Science Institute, Vanderbilt University (2005 – 2008)
   Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Vanderbilt University (2003 - 2007)
   Assistant Professor, Psychology, Vanderbilt University (2004 - 2007)
   Research Assistant Professor, Cognitive Sciences, Northwestern University (2000 - 2003)
   Postdoctoral Researcher, Cognitive Sciences, Northwestern University (1998-2000);

Non Academic Positions:

   PADI Scuba Dive Instructor

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Ahmad Mohadmadpur (Ph.D. from Iran); 2014- Political Anthropology, Nationalism and Statehood in Kurdistan.

Graciela Peters-Guarin (Ph.D. from the Netherlands; Colombian), 2010-2012. GIS Applications in the social Sciences: Spatial cognition and \ social change. (Paid through my NSF grants.); Graciela is a Professor of GIS in her home country Colombia.

Jonathan Maupin (Ph.D. CUNY Albany), 2007 - 2009; (Paid through my NSF grants.); Jonathan is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at ASU.

Catherine Timura, (Ph.D. Yale University), 2007 - 2009; (Paid through my NSF grants.); Catherine works for the NIH in Washington DC.

Joana Roque del Pinho (Ph.D.) Colorado State University. 2010-2012.

Mike Kohut (Ph.D. 2016)
Jeff Shenton (Ph.D. 2015)
Roxanna Duntley Matos (Ph.D. 2013; University of Michigan)

Current Ph.D. Students:
Caissa Revilla Minaya (ABD), Werner Hertzog (ABD), Alex Korsunsky.
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